Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shut-up and Ride.

Well that was harder than it should have been.  Harder than it would have been if I had of kept at it more often.

I am not long back from a bikeride, the first in too long a time.    I was going to go to the corner and back but decided to go the other way to the stop sign and back.  I was coming up to the stop sign and trying to talk myself into going further up to the bridge...then I heard a noise and some sheila on a flash looking bike zoomed past.  She had turned the corner and was away up the road before I was close enough to need to slow down...

" I am never going to be able to go that fast, it's a long way to anywhere going that way,  see how fit she is,   I'll never be able to do that, gosh she was going fast I can't do that..."   So with all that stupid negative talking in my head I turned around at the stop sign and decided to take the short way back home.  I was halfway to my corner when I told myself to shutup and enjoy the seems I can't shutup though but this time the talking was more positive and I *zoomed* passed the shortcut corner and went the long way home.  The whole ride was only 6 km but much better than the first idea of to the corner and back ride of 3km.  Better than the 3.6km small block ride too.  Not as good as the 8km bridge ride but I will do that one sometime over the next few days.

Negative talk is keeping me fat and unfit, I need to work on that. 
How to you overcome the stupis self sabatage?  Any and all ideas welcome please.


  1. Years ago my wise auntie told me to create a little chest of drawers in my mind; when an unwelcome thought comes along take a look at it; then open a drawer and slip it inside! I had quite a collection! She even said if I wanted to, open a drawer and take a look at what's inside; then slip it back into place with all the negative talk or worries safely inside. Kind of a silly visual I guess, but it's worked for me!
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Diana. I'm glad you found something that worked for you...I might try that too as I do need something, thankyou for the idea.