Saturday, December 22, 2012

Challenge Ends.

The 8 week challenge that I joined ends tonight.  I didn't do half as well as I thought I would.  No weight loss, no cm lost, no great impovement to my fitness.  It showed that I wasn't eating as many vegies as I thought.  I don't move enough. No surprise there.

Today, last day, I so wanted to get full points, was sure  I would, I didn't.  I started off good but was upset this afternoon then was home alone, had no-one to bitch to and ate cake.  Was going to go buy hot chips, really wanted to, but went outside and did more mowing and dug up all the garlic instead.   So looks like I'm not a complete failure, I can overcome some things and with a bit of practice I should do better. 

Todays eating was OK..except the cake bit.
Eggs x2 for breakfast.
Savory mince mid morning 1/2 bowl.
Savory mince 1/2 bowl. early afternoon for lunch. 
Apple fresh from the tree.  The first for the season.
Chicken, vegies and quinoa all mixed together.

I didn't have the smoothie this morning so instead added everything that I would have in that to the satay chicken.

Rode this morning and lots of mowing throughout the day.

New day tomorrow and the only challenge will be to move enough and eat healthy for most of the day.

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