Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Walked Again.

I went for another walk around the 3.6km block this morning, Husband came with me and I wore my heart monitor...He says it says we walked for under 35min.  Yesterday I timed it at 45 by my watch...I *think* I walked the same speed...I know I didn't knock off 15 min so maybe I timed wrong yesterday.  Ten minutes is a lot to get wrong though so I will do it again sometime this week and see what it says then.    He says I burned 151calories.  Wow, that's worth doing then  Being a tad sarky there if you couldn't tell.  Daughter burned off 500 by mowing the grass out here one time...there's a thought, I will wear it next time I mow...if I remember...and it doesn't go missing again.   Not today though, it's going to be hot this week and it is already too hot out there to mow.  And I don't do calories anyway so no point, just might be interesting.

There's a story about this heart monitor.  I posted when I first got it, 4 months ago now, I used it once, took it off and put the watch part and the strap on the table.  That was the last I saw of the strap until yesterday...I found it when I was looking for an sd card that we bought a couple of weeks ago...that was put on the table too...

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