Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3.

Up early, a bit of moving, a green smoothie, half the daily quota of F&V before I left home at 7am.

Green smoothie
coffee   should have made the outmix up here but got busy.
green smoothie
cold meat   beef and pork
toast and meat   beef
green smoothie
corn thin, plain.
apricots x 3 or 4   Home and outside near the tree.
bun   Too late to cook anything and this was easy.
Apricot.  on the bench...
Went and cleaned teeth because the buns are still there too.

Not enough proper food again.  I wasn't home, was busy...too many excuses and not enough planning.  I took a jar of GS to work and drank it throughout the day so at least I had enough fruit and veg.

The moving was up though so full points for that, 37 for the day.

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