Monday, January 7, 2013

2013, One week gone.

Tuesday 1st.  Nothing.  No point.
Wednesday  2nd  Nothing. No point.
Thursday 3rd  Stepping, walking on the spot, floor exercises -1 and 1/2 hours.  Moved while watching TV (Foxtel, bigscreen, no cake!) instead of reading a book.  Figured there is a point.
Friday 4th    Bikeride - 5km  plus a  walk -3.6km.  A bit of slow *running*  Daughter T is starting couch to 5km, I went with her and she kept telling me to get my heartrate up more...
Saturday 5th  Bikeride - 11km.
Sunday 6th  Bikeride - 14km   Husband came with me, said it wasn't fun...he is kinda right I did hurt afterward...and during...
Monday 7th.  48min all up.  Short ride then walking.

With a week into a new year gone already I think I'm doing OK, I'm happy with the bikeriding but I will need to up the walking soon as that really hasn't been increased at all.  The furtherest I walk when home is 3.6km.  I do walk further when out and about but those times are few and far between.  I haven't attempted the walk up to the weir, not sure what happened with that goal...maybe I can work on that this month...But today, Monday, I decided that I would walk further, I would ride into daughters house, park the bike, walk up the hill and along the top road, back down and then ride home again.  

That didn't happen.  I did ride in and park the bike but by the time I had walked 5min the sky was dark, thunder was thundering and it was starting to rain.  By the time I walked around the block and was back at daughters it was pelting down, she had left and I was stranded.  I rang husband to come get me, got the machine, left message, waited a bit then rang again.  Left another message this time telling him to stop ignoring me,  get up and come rescue me...Finally started walking home, in the pelting rain, thinking grr thoughts.    I get home and he is not there...Oops, sorry about the grrrly thoughts,  he was out driving around the countryside looking for me.  It seems that he woke, heard the storm, didn't hear me so checked and saw the bike was gone so went looking for me.  I was home maybe 10 min before he got back but it was nice knowing he did care enough to come and look for me because of the storm.  I asked why he didn't ring my mobile and he says I don't usually take it so he didn't think I would have it this time.  I took it this time because I wanted to use the clock on it...Oh well, a bit of a soaking hasn't hurt me but I will look better at the sky before leaving next time.  The rain has stopped now so I might get a longer bikeride in later...


  1. 14kms is an awesome ride! Go you!
    Of course there is a point, and you have made a mightily good start. High five to the face!
    If you come down this weekend we can do a good long hike.

  2. What a great DH! :-) Glad to hear you had a turn around and have "got the point" again. :-)JM from SS

  3. L. a hike sounds good BUT!! dodgy ankle now so maybe a good short one...

    J, thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate you taking the time for that. The thread on SS helps, a lot!