Monday, January 28, 2013


And another wasted week.  What I need to do is not have a coffee first thing so I can get more blood tests done but I keep forgetting.  I need to put a sign on the coffee jar to remind me but forget to do that too.  And I just rememeber that I haven't ordered the liquid Iron that I was going to a couple of weeks ago.  Must remember to get onto that as well.

I need to walk or ride as soon as I get dressed in the morning, no excuses.  The furtherest I rode this week was 6km and that was an effort but not as bad as the 5km I rode the day before that.  So this week everything has been harder and that is not right.  I have thought about why that could be and maybe the Iron is low again, will find out soon...if I remember.  Maybe it's because I haven't been having as many veg smoothies as I was and not enough liver.  I am not having the smoothies every day and if I'm honest I think maybe I've only had 2 this last week.  They need to be an everyday thing and I have so much veg needing to picked and used there really is no excuse.  It's been more than a week since I had any liver but I have run out and will need to go to the shop before I can get some more of that and that can't be for another few days.

Didn't walk or ride today but mowed this evening..  I wore a heart monitor and mowed for 34min and used 218 cal.  Mowed for another 30plus min and used 100 and something cal.   The first lot was much harder mowing without as many stops as the second lot.  This first mowing used more cals and my heartrate was higher than either walking or bikeriding for around the same time.   There will be a lot more mowing over the next week.

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