Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Day.

Another good day.  About time I gave myself a few of these.

Coffee and Oatmix for breakfast, a veg smoothie throughout the morning .  Fish for lunch.  Sausage casserole, a bunch of grapes and a coffee for tea.  Apple and grapes during the day. 
I was going to have one of husbands Crunchies and even took the bag out of the freezer...thought of a woman named Jenny and put it back again.  I didn't need it, didn't miss it but will get him to take them with him when he leaves tomorrow, just in case.

It was really misty this morning so I didn't ride and then it was too hot to do much so I was thinking I would miss out on any moving.  I kept thinking that I should do something but it wasn't until this evening I made the effort and mowed for 40min.  I felt like I had missed something though so then went for a short bikeride. 

I need to do something early as it makes it so much easier so I will make sure that I ride first thing tomorrow.

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