Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday. Yes...Kinda, Maybe...

I have been out all day and I was going to count the 2 hours I spend wandering around the shopping centre but think that might be cheating.  While I was over there though I bought myself a few CD's.  So I put them on and got up and jumped around like a mad thing  danced to the beat.  Well my beat was a bit different to theirs but I managed to get puffed out and sweat so I'm counting that.

So 10min, rest, 5min, rest, 3min, rest, 10min...And they are still playing so I will be getting up and down for the next half hour or so.

Dancing is something that I would really love to be able to do.  It is fun and I like watching others dance, any sort but love the Jive and bootscooting..  We went to lessons for these once but never used the knowlenge again and now most of it is lost.  So the only *dancing* I do is behind closed doors with the music turned up loud, where nobody can see.  It's still fun. 

Do you dance like nobody is watching when they really are?  I wish I had the confidence to do that!!

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