Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday 7th. October.

Went for what should have been a quick and easy ride early this morning and hated every minute of it.

I didn't put DeepHeat and gloves on so my hands were too sore, it was hard to pedal, it was cold, whinge, whinge, whinge...
It wasn't until I was nearly home again that I thought to change gears to make it easier.

So, the ride is over and done with but I think I will do another one later on just so that I don't think bad things about riding and use that as an excuse tomorrow.

And as you can see I didn't do anything yesterday.

Back to say that I didn't get the second ride in but I did do 40min of mowing so happy with that.

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  1. You've done well lately! I've been away and will have to sort out my exercise times and blog later this week.