Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2.

Yep, another ride done, another day off the total.  This is easy!

OK, I know that the rides are short, under 5km, they will be for a week or two then I will start adding another or going further.  We went out yesterday and though we both thought we were better after our bout of illness the late night and cold air seems to have brought it back.  Sore throat again, coughing heaps...So a week or two before I start pushing things might be in order. 

I plan on doing a short bushwalk in a few weeks time so will need to add some walking in over the next couple of weeks but the bushwalk I have planned will only be a couple of hours so shouldn't be a problem.

100% on target.  Only three more days needed for this week.  I will be Fitter by Friday.

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