Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, 3rd.

Thursday.  I taped Biggest Loser last night and will watch it in segments today while using the ex bike.  Legs and hands are still sore and I still have mowing to do so will see how I go.   Hoping for at least 3 x 20min.

20minutes.  First lot done!

"I've been busy"  *" Doing what, eating chocolate?!"*  I cracked up, so funny.

I have sweat pouring off me and I have absolutely had it.  I think I need those trainers here to make me get to the 2nd 20minutes.  Instead I have done 5 then another 10.  In my defence (excuses?) I have the tension on the bike up more than earlier and will do another 5 as is but will lower it for the last 20.  OK, last 5 of the 2nd 20 - Done!

Now for some mowing...

And I have just done a *hard* 30minutes on the ex bike.  I started 5 minutes late and thought I'd get in 25 min watching BL and was ready to quit at 8 oclock but the bleedin' show goes for an hour!  Not me though.  The tension was quite easy but even after an afternoon sleep I was totally done.

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