Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Flexible. Again.

Many years ago I was one of the most flexible people that I knew.  Mind you, I don't know many people but it still felt good.  Then I started having more severe back trouble and a physio told me that I was TOO flexible and to stop doing the things that I did.  I think she should have said that my gut muscles were too weak and to work on getting them stronger.  I still think it is more a weak muscle issue than a flexible thing.

I can still do the *fingers, knuckles, palms* thing but not off a 6inch step anymore.  I can't quite manage it while wearing my Tone Walker shoes though I can in normal shoes that aren't as high.
I can no longer do *bend backs*  Or handstands where you go over and then stand up.

I used to read by sitting on the floor, legs spread and elbows on the ground.  I used to be able to put my head on the ground, between said spread legs.  Alas, I can no more...But I want to be able to do those things again.  Not the handstand thing, my arms and wrists wouldn't hold up to that but the F.K.P and head on the ground things.
Is it possible?   Dunno.  Can't see why not.
Is it sensible to even try?  Depends on who you ask.
Should I just accept that I am older, unfitter and not even try?  No!!

I am going to try and get my head on the ground again.  Regardless of how sensible it is.  It is something that I really regret not being able to still do.

So for the month of February I am going to spend a couple of minutes, a few times a day, trying these.

If I am sensible about it I shouldn't do any damage to the back.  And I can be sensible so there shouldn't be any problems.

I think the *fingers, knuckles, palms* thing will be the easiest but I'm going to give both a decent try.

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