Monday, February 14, 2011

I Had A Fall.

Probably my own fault but...It hurt.  Lots.  I nearly cried.  Had to laugh though as people saw me and it probably looked funny.  But I so wanted to cry.

Yesterday we had been *exploring*  going places we hadn't been before and I had my Tone Walker shoes on.  The ones with the rock-rolly soles.  We were walking along this hard stone path and I wasn't looking where I was going and the next thing I know I was falling down.  I landed on my hands and knees and in a quite a bit of pain.  As Hubby was helping me up I saw that the people in front of us had urned around, probably  to see if I was OK so I put on a brave front and said I was.  And I was it just hurt.  A lot.  I have sore knees and a chunk of skin missing from my left palm and last night noticed my left ankle was a bit dodgy but apart from that I am fine.

I must have stepped on an uneven bit of path and because the shoes aren't flat they carried me forward too fast and I fell.  I have nearly fallen before wearing these shoes over rough ground so I need to remember that though they are great for road walking I will need to take them off when going over uneven surfaces.  Or be a bit more careful and watch where I am going.  That would work too. lol.

I made it to the water though and had a swim in water that was so cold it numbed everything. 

All good.

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