Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday Moving.

I decided to do the corner and back walk today, just to see how long it took.  And guess what?  I am sure I have the time right but not sure how it was managed.   After all the whinging I did about this walk taking too long and giving up doing it, I did it this morning in 35min.  How funny is that!! Whinge, don't walk, walk faster. lol  In the afternoon I was watching a TV show I taped and was on the ex bike while the show was on and off doing jobs during the ads but on again when the show was on.  I would have peddled for way more than 1/2 hour just not all at once.

I was thinking about the walk yesterday and the time it took so did it again this morning to check that I had it right.  UNDER 35 minutes!!  I am so pleased with that.
It looks like riding the ex bike got me walking faster.  Who knew!
I think all the mowing and whippersnippering over the last few days are starting to affect me as I have tried a few times to do more than 10minutes on the bike but my legs are too sore and I haven't been able to.  So maybe 20minutes, on and off, on the hard ex bike.

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