Monday, February 21, 2011

Been Slack.

I have had a real *nothing much* week but have a bike-ride planned for later today.  I am going with someone so it will definitely get done.  Don't know what time she will get here though.  Hope it wont be too hot.

Not sure why I have slacked off.  I just can't be bothered.  I think because not enough results are being felt I am seeing it all as a waste of time.  I need to get my head back into it and am working on the thinking this week.

7PM.   L was ready to ride home late afternoon and I was ready to go halfway with her. She now lives waaayyy out of town, not sure how far but way more than 7km's.(I think!)   We rode along the railway road, some of that was sand, that's a bugger to ride through, over corrugations, past a *no trespass* sign, oops!  It was halfway in sections but not sure if it was halfway in k's.  I should measure it out and write it down so I remember.

Anyway we get to the next road and she has about the same distance to go to get home and I need to turn around and travel the same distance that we just did.  So bye bye L, we'll do it again soon.

This road that we were on is a track from one road to the next and there is another track/road after that to the road L lives on.  The second track/road is a decent gravel road with no signs.  The first one is gravel but is not a good road and half way there is a *no trespassing* sign, yep no sign until you are halfway through, so we decided to keep going.   This sign is only recent, like in the last couple of years, this track used to be used quite often.  But I did feel like I was doing the wrong thing all the way back ( I was!!) and am thinking that next time we should add the extra km and go out to the highway and back in again at her end.  But I haven't ridden on the highway before, L has and she mentioned big fast trucks going past. 
So do I feel safe but guilty or in danger from traffic but with a clear conscience?  Yet to be decided.

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