Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday, Monday

Sunday.  Nothing again today.  Not sure why...I thought about it...

Monday.  A bit over 30min on the hard ex bike while reading and then at night I was sitting on the lounge watching MKR and suddenly thought "Get on the bike" so did 35min on the easy ex bike.


  1. You're certainly doing regular exercise ... gotta have a rest now and then too - they say :)

  2. Hi Barb, back again. As you were kind enough to join my exercise blogspot, I wanted to let you I'm closing it down.
    My heart just wasn't in it and I find I'm much happier concentrating on my other blogs.
    I can see how keen you are, and will keep popping over to yours now and then to say hello.
    Cheers, Susan.

  3. Sorry to hear that Susan.
    Let me know if you decide to start up again.