Friday, February 25, 2011

10km Bike-ride...Can I Do It?

Dunno but I'm about to find out.   Hubby is working out the back of us this morning and I have asked him to drop me off 10km from here.   So if I want to get home it will actually be a matter of having to.  I can't even sit on the side of the road and wait 'til he knocks off as he is working somewhere else afterwards, in a different direction.

I haven't been doing much but did have a bike-ride with L. a few days ago.  That would have been a quite a few k's.  This will be a benchmark type of  ride and will determine if I can ride to L's place, then back again, or not.  

And why 10?  It seems like a nice rounded number.  I know I can do 5 and 8 seems a bit whishy-washy.  So 10 it is.  A bit of a challenge anyway.  I hope I can do it without too many side effects...Will report back when I get home.   How long does it take to ride that far?   Will soon find out!

Well we're here...Too late to change my mind now.

Bye bye *support* vehicle.

Now it's just me, the bike and the long road home.

10km Bike-ride...Can I Do It? YES, I CAN!       Woohoo!
And I did it in less than an hour (48minutes) so I am pretty pleased with that.  I was hoping that it wouldn't take too much longer than an hour as it is going to be hot today and I need to be home. 

How was it?  While I was riding and whinging in my head about how hard it was it seemed like a lot of hard work and not much fun.
Now I am home and showered and coffee'ed...I'm thinking that it wasn't that hard so maybe the speedo in Hubby's car is wrong and it wasn't really 10 km's from here.

Some people are just never satisfiedHappy

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