Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Already.

I have been home since Tuesday and don't seem to have much to report.
Apart from a short beach walk that morning before we left the day consisted of Service Station food and sitting for 7 hours. 
I was out all day Wed and Thursday and though I knocked off early on the Wed and managed a bit of mowing when I got home there was no walking.  Thursday was another nothing day. 
Friday, OK, I did spend from 5pm until 6.45 raking and levelling sand and then mowing so kinda pleased with that. 

I was hoping to get more mowing in today and tomorrow but it is raining and unless it's stops by this afternoon the mowing wont happen.

Goals for November?  I have none.  I'm feeling like it's all a waste of time.  I am putting that down to the crap food I have eaten over the last week so I'm hoping that as I eat better now that we are home that feeling will dissipate.


  1. Barb, you seem to do lots of mowing! I see your blogging is more consistent than mine but I was without a computer for a few weeks :O.
    How's the water consumption going? I was wondering if you are eating low fat foods as I've discovered that some items I thought were 'safe', as in low sugar/ lite etc contain a lot more fat than I thought and some fresh fruits/veges hide little kilojoule traps.

  2. Hi Robyn, Nice to *see* you.
    I too know, now, what it is like to be without my computer for 3 weeks. Not good is it. Though I did get heaps down outside....
    I'm going to write about what I eat soon, I rarely buy/eat processed foods and even then not low fat or lite stuff. I prefer real food.