Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fit Enough...But....

When I first started this blog it was supposed to be a way to keep me motivated enough to get fitter.  I wanted "to get fit enough to wander the countryside, climb big rocks and swim in lakes and rivers."  Add to that *walk for hours along pristine clean beaches* and you'd think that I had more than enough incentive to get up off me bum and move more.

I have been away for a bit.  There was some mountain climbing, lots of bikeriding and some walking along beaches. It would all have been a lot easier if I was fitter!  True fact!  Who would have thought that!

And I am 1 kilo heavier than when I left here, less than a week ago!  But as it's not about weight, it's a get fitter blog, I'm not going to mention that!

I will need to put more effort in though because we will be going back to that mountain and that beach and it would be nice if it's a bit easier next time.

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