Monday, January 24, 2011

No Posting But Still Doing.

I haven't had the computer for awhile but even though I had no-where to report to I was still doing something every day. Mainly it was riding the hard ex bike and I have found that I can get to 30mins quite easily now.  Well, not really easily, I am puffing and sweating but the tension is up and it is a real effort.  It looks like things might fineally be paying off.  Mind you, if I didn't have a decent book to read while I was on there then I don't think it would be getting done for as long but I am usually doing 2 x 30min sessions a day so I am pleased with that.  I walked home from in town the other day even though Hubby was in there with his car so that was an extra again.

I do feel that if I counted all the mowing, digging, raking, mulching, etc then the hours of moving would be way up there but as all that is not *extra* I don't count it.  I am only counting the extra effort I put in to get fitter, not what I normally do anyway. 

So today is Monday of week 8.  I have not done anything yet but I will as I have started a new book and need to get it finished so I can get the next one read and get it back to the library.  I have a couple of movies out too so will get some walking on the spot type stuff done whle I watch those during the week.

It's raining here this morning and the hard ex bike is outside with a wet seat but I will go now and move it a bit so I can get a read and ride in.

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