Friday, January 7, 2011

Five Weeks Down.

So I have been doing something everyday now for just over 5 weeks.  If my maths is right.  But I think 5 weeks.  How do I feel?  Hmmm, hard one.  Sometimes, quite often, I think that it is all a waste of time.  I have the occasional day when I wake up and feel good but I did think that there would be more of them by now.

I am still heavier than I was 6 weeks ago, I don't understand why that is.  I can't blame Christmas foods as we don't do Christmas so didn't have all the hams, fruit mince pies and other yummy stuff to eat.

It is not muscle and I don't think that there is any toning going on.  I have a pair of jeans that I can get on and do up but I wouldn't be able to wear them out anywhere.  These are what I am going by.  I will know by how they fit if I am losing any fat but as that is not the main aim I am just using them as a guide.  It would be nice to have them loose but I am not yet prepared to change my eating too much.  So I need to move more.

I was hoping to be doing the 3km, to the corner and back walk in 35min by now but it is not happening.  It took 37min yesterday and I thought that I was moving quite quick.  Obviously not quick enough. 

I was going to increase the distance of this walk once I was doing it in the 35min but if I can't get it down to that by the end of the month then I will walk further regardless. 

I have 3 weeks to chop 2min of this walk.  Here's hoping.  Maybe if I did it everyday...but it is kinda boring and if I walked every day then I might not bother riding...

What would you do?


  1. Hi Barb, when you consider how much you've achieved since you started, walking 3km in 37 mins is fantastic!

    "....and I thought that I was moving quite quick."
    If you feel you were moving quickly enough - I'd go with your own feelings, you're the best judge. Our bodies tell us ... we've just got to listen ;-)

    What would I do? I'd revise the 35 mins goal for a while, keep up the walking of course but not focus too much on the time. All the while building up strength so that the time angle can be revisited without overstressing my body.

    In the meantime, Barb, you'll have your tests back and know what you're dealing with.

    All the best and good on you for what you've accomplished to date :D

  2. Thanks for your comments Susan,here and in other postings.
    It's lovely to have you here.

    Maybe you're right and I should forget the time for now, maybe walking further would be better.

    I seem to be getting focussed on this 35 min instead of enjoying the walk and it's turning me off doing it, knowing that I can't reach that *magical* time and thinking "what's the point?"

    I laughd when you mentioned the test results...