Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Moving.

I walked, 40min, and did a 15min session on the hard ex bike yesterday.

This morning I woke later, it was nearly 6, felt OK but didn't want to walk to the corner and back, I think I am over that, for awhile anyway.  I still needed to walk though so I put on me shoes, grabbed a beanie as it was very windy and left to walk around the block.  This is a much more interesting walk, there are houses and animals to see and I thought that it was further than the corner walk but I was home in 40min so maybe it is around the same distance.  One day when I have the car out I will do a distance reading.  I have also done 20min on the hard ex bike

I will walk this walk again and as it is the same time I think it will replace the corner walk.  I wasn't doing it before as I thought it was a lot further and I wanted to start with the shorter one and move onto this one as I felt fitter.  If this is around the same time/distance then I don't know what the next *goal* will be.

I may get on the easy ex bike later.

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  1. Hi Barb, I must've left your site too quickly as I'd put in a comment here the other day.

    I agree absolutely with you as to how much a change of scene makes to a walk. While I like the softness the treadmill offers, walking along looking at things definitely makes it more pleasant.

    Cheers :)