Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, Monday

Sunday.  Woke early and felt good so walked to the corner and back.  I haven't done this for a few days so was happy with it takiing 36minutes.

Monday.  Another earlish one so prepared for a walk.  The old dog that I have staying here was awake though and even though I tried to sneak away he must have seen me and I wasn't gone long when I turned around and he was following.  He is old, deaf and arthritic but he wanted to come so we went to the first corner then I took him back home.  It was getting later though and I had stuff to do so I pulled the old exersice bike out the shed and set it up out the back, grabbed me book and started on that.
The bike inside can't be tensioned at the moment, it needs looking at, but this old one can so I had it set so that it was doable but hard to pedal.
I was thinking that I would give it 10minutes.  The book I was reading is really interesting so after 10 min I though another 5 would be OK.  Legs were getting sore and after 18 I could feel the sweat starting to drip.  I made it to 20min so very pleased with that result.  It would not have happened with a boring book though and as I have the next one in this series the old bike might get used again.

We are doing an overnighter today so I should get a decent walk in later and again tomorrow morning.

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  1. Hi Barb,
    Your walk sounded good - especially with old dog dragging along!

    Very good result on your bike - 20 mins cycling is great! Plus you get to read as well, how good is that :)

    I get on an old $40-from-the-Op-Shop treadmill, turn on the little MP3 and enjoy a walk that way.
    Our road is too steep either side to walk on it just yet, for various reasons, am slowly building back up to 20 mins of walking. So am doing it in 10 min increments only on the treadmill. Once I'm fitter, will head back out on the road!