Saturday, January 8, 2011

And Speaking Of Test Results...

I have the blood test results back and it seems that I am just a fat, unfit, sookylala that needs to suck things up and push myself more.  And keep spending money on tablets because I'll probably need them forever.  Now that sucks!!  I wanted them to find the problem and fix it for me.

I have been on Iron tablets for 12 months but 2 months ago this doctor doubled the dosage and put me on Nexium again as well.   The blood results were not too bad because of this but he says that if I want them to stay the same then to keep the dosage up for at least 6 months then have another test done then maybe cut them down then have another blood test at the end of the year and see if there is much difference.

Or start eating liver...Which I am going to think about.  If I could have that a few times a week I may not need the iron tablets but should stay on the Nexium?

Why the Nexium?  Well, it seems that I have *grade B reflux oesophagitis* but because I'm not getting heartburn or any other telling symptoms with it I don't know  when it is happening and the build up of acid  creates erosions and so my body is not absorbing enough iron because of this. Or something!

The first cause of Nexium was supposed to fix it, and probably did but this doctor seems to think that it will keep coming back and I should keep taking tablets to prevent it.  He says that the blood tests show that it came back then was fixed again with this latest course of Nexium.  He says that the if I had symptoms I could take something only then.. I'm not convinced that I need to take tablets as a preventative for ever but will for a few more months because *he* said to.  I'll read up about it and then have a think.  There might be an easier, less medication way.

In the meantime, I have no more excuses so why am I still in here and not out there moving...

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  1. Ha ha ... sookylala !! Love the new name Barb :)

    Wow, all the different sorts of stuff that bodies can decide to come up with eh!
    All things considered - I reckon, and even more strongly now than in my previous comment, that you're doing marvellously well reaching that level of exercise. Your lack of iron uptake, at certain times, must drain your energy levels... but at least you're aware now of what's happening, so you can pace yourself.

    Having to take medication long term is a bit of a shock at first isn't it. I'm on some too (severe osteoporosis which resulted in two compression fractures in the spine), and can certainly sympathise with your reaction. In my case I'm so used to it now and, after nearly 2 years, it's given me a better quality of life so I never miss a tablet. I hope you're able to reach a comfortable balance in your situation as well.

    Good idea about scoffing some liver on a regular basis. It's all crying out for a bit of research on the subject as you say ... so go for it Barb.

    Oh I do rattle on, will clear off now and go out on the treadmill for 10 mins, then I'll do some resistance band thingys with my arms! Oh joy :)

    Bye for now,
    Susan :D