Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 27th.

I've been slacking off but did do 35minutes on the old ex bike yesterday so getting better with that.  I haven't walked in ages and not sure why. I blame the heat but really I could walk before I do the chooks and gardens like I used to so that is an excuse not a reason.
I slept in this morning and it's suposed to be a hot one so I really need to get something in soon.  A read on the bike will happen when I get off of here.
So today will be at least 1x30min session on the bike.  Maybe 35min again, if I did it once I should do it again, aye.

I am getting puffed and sweating doing this ride and it is a real effort to get to the 30 min so it should be impoving something but after 7 weeks I am no lower in weight than I was 2 months ago. The jeans that I try on don't fit any better.
The aim is to get fitter and as I am doing more on this bike then that must be happening but I did honestly think that I would lose a few kilos in the process.

I'm going to really rethink things today and see what I really want to achieve.

Off to ride and read before breakfast.

Back to say I ended up managing 45min.  I was sweating like a pig at the end of it though.  Do pigs really sweat?  Had eggs and lentil and veg mush for breakfast.

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  1. Hi, yes, it's never very pleasant exercising in the heat - or humidity. Anyway, 45 mins was good.

    Actually, I read somewhere that when you start exercising, you could actually be losing weight but that because the muscles are getting bigger (and, therefore, stronger) - it's their weight that is registering on the scales. Hope you understand what I'm on about, didn't explain it properly...