Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday.

I was out all day yesterday and though I did 20min on the hard ex bike early, before I left, I couldn't be bothered doing another lot when I got home.  So not really happy with myself about that but to make me feel worse I can't be bothered doing anything today either.
I have done10min on the hard ex bike but that was an effort and really all I want to do is go and have a sleep.
I know I need to do more if I want to see any improvement but because I'm not seeing it today I'm over it all.

Hopefully I'll feel better about it all later.


  1. Tomorrow's another day as they say ;-)

  2. Yeah, another slackass day. lol
    Feeling better about it all this morning and you coming here and taking the time to comment is helping. Thankyou.