Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend and Today.

Wow, I haven't posted my moving since Friday, how am I going to remember if I don't write it down every day.  I have been doing it, I know that.  No walks though...I'll try and remember:

Saturday. ??? See, too long ago.  Hard ex bike, hopefully twice but at least once ...And 35min *walk on the spot* type stuff.  Pretty sure I did do 2 lots of ex bike.
Sunday. 10min *walk on the spot* type stuff, 2 x 20min hard ex bike.
Monday. 15min *walk on the spot* type stuff this morning.  20min on hard ex bike and will do another one later.  Happy to say I did.  Well near enough anyway.  I did 5min then 15min on the easy ex bike.

Not home tomorrow so I will need to make more of an effort and make sure I do do something.

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