Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday,.

We were away overnight on Monday, at relations place and I was hoping to get a decent walk in on Mon evening but only managed a 5min stroll up a hill.  We car camped there so I was able to get up early and go for a decent walk.  Twenty minutes down to their fenceline then it took nearly half an hour to get back.  Back was uphill and I went off the track exploring a few times.  So happy with that.  Also did 10min on the easy ex bike last night.  And 10min swimming.  That was nice.

This morning though...up early...and nothing.  Just cannot get into it and it is now nearly 7 so getting too late for me to be walking.  I will get on the old ex bike later as I have a new book to read and maybe get on the new, easy one later this evening.

Blood results should be in today.  I need to ring and make an appointment so will do that later.

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  1. Hi Barb
    Yay, love your blog!
    I have enjoyed reading through it and would love to comment now and then for mutual encouragement.
    Cheers, Susan.