Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Well the walking around the block walk didn't last long.  I walked it on Monday but woke late yesterday, Tuesday, and so much to do I didn't feel that I should *waste* 40min on a walk.  But I had no qualms on getting on the hard ex bike and reading for 30.  I did 25min on the easy bike as well on both of these days.

Wednesday, up late again, not sure why I am sleeping until after 6 but I don't like it.  I will get on the hard ex bike later and as I can now manage 30min on that I will read and pedal and then do a session on the easy bike later.

Looks like my weight is settling down and I am no longer heavier than before I started but the jeans fit the same so I don't think I am toning anywhere.  I am able to do more time on the bikes though so that is an improvement.

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