Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thursday, Friday.

Hmmmm, I don't think I did anything worth mentioning on Thursday and Friday I was out of the house all day and could should have taken kids for a walk...but didn't...Got home and still couldn't be fagged but Hubby was watching Jamie Oliver, the computer wasn't working, I don't like lights on at night so no reading and after sitting and watching Jamie for 5 minutes I figured I could be doing that on the ex bike so managed 25min there.
It could have been longer but I heard crows out near the chookpen and as I have some new chickens out there I had to get off and go check on them.

Really slacking off here, but today is the start of a new week so will see what I can do.  I have been for the corner and back walk...40minutes!!!!   And I started off walking fast, slowed down when the back started to hurt but I didn't think it was that slow.  Back to the beginning and it's all my own fault for not sticking to it.

This week WILL be better.

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