Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing In Action.

I know, same heading as my other blog but... I can so did...
Only thing is though, it's me that has been MIA here and not Wanda
I am here now though because of her,

I am trying to get fitter so that me and Wanda can go exploring.  I need to be fit so that I can climb that mountain and swim that river...You know, all that stuff I waffled on about in my profile thingy.

But I have done NOTHING!! or near enough anyway, for way more than a week.  I think I have had one decent bike ride since the 16th.  That's not gonna get me fitter.  I know that, you know that, it's a known fact.  So why haven't I?

"Why haven't I?"  did I hear someone ask?  Well thankyou for the interest.  I haven't because...How much time do you have?
I have heaps of reasons but really they are probably more like excuses.  OK, they are excuses.  They all seemed valid at the time though so does that count?

BUT!!  I am going into town today to get some more meds and some more liver then I wont be able to use that reason excuse anymore.  Might even ride in...
I have brought the old ex bike inside so that reason excuse is gone.
What else was there?  I will strap my foot before I go walking.  I will use the bike before I read so that my hands aren't too sore...
I will try and abolish the reason/excuses instead of nurturing them.

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