Monday, March 21, 2011

Eating Liver.

And who knew...It's really not that bad. 

I am still taking the Iron tablets but am getting tired again so I bought some Lambs Liver.  The idea was to mince it up and add it to some beef mince but I thought that I'd try a bit plain first.  I cut it thin and *fried* some up in the pan.  Man, I think it's the smell that would put you off but I toughened up and tasted a bit..If you have small bites and don't think about it it isn't that bad.  Next piece I put Barbecue sauce on...Yeah, not bad.  This morning I have cooked the rest up with onions and will have some for lunch and have some in the freezer for another day.  But I think I will keep buying it.  It is way cheaper than the Iron tablets so I might be able to eventually cut down on those. 

Lambs Liver, sold at our local IGA for $1.50.  It was quite big too so I don't think it came from a lamb. 

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