Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Week of September.

Saturday 24th.
Bikeride to corner and back so 3km.  I am still unwell though on the mend but this was a hard ride that seemed to take forever.  I think the tyres might be a bit flat as well though I did check them before I started.   The slow and awkward ride suggests that they need a bit of air so I will recheck them tomorrow.

Sunday 25th.
I did intend going for another bikeride, pumped the tyres up and everything but...I know, excuses already and it's only day 2.  Did go for a walk with the GD so slow, a bit over 1+1/2km but something.  Hubby reckons we were gone for an hour so I could say I had an hours walk!  The bikeride didn't happen as I mowed a bit of grass and did some weeding instead.

Monday 26th.
The bikeride is done.  Corner and back, 3km and I'm not saying it was raining and cold because I am still unwell and that might get me in trouble but I had a rain jacket on and I came back and had a hot lemon and honey drink so it all good.

Nothing at all.   I could blame the wet and stormy day but really, there were times when I could have gone for a walk, I just didn't.

Ride to corner and back.  Not too fast, I am still not 100% well and struggling to keep this up but glad that it is over and done with.
5PM.  Walked the daughter and grandaughter 3/4 way home.  Took 22minutes but wasn't real fast as GD was on her bike and kept mucking around.  Walked home alone so 15-17minutes there, seemed a decent pace.  I wont feel too bad if I don't do anything tomorrow now. 

Been out all day but home just after five, set the fire up ready to light, chopped more chips, moved the bike out of the way...went inside and had a think then came back out and went for a ride.  Around the block, not fast so it took around 18minutes.  How good am I!!

I so hope I keep it up.  Nice weather, swimming, walking, camping weather so I need to be fitter.
I WILL keep it up.  Come and join me.  It will be fun.

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