Friday, September 30, 2011

September Ends. October Goals.

Last day of the month and by 5.30pm I still hadn't done any walking or biking...Just could not be fagged...

But I thought I should then thought some more, donned some shoes, got the bike out and decided to go for a quick one, maybe towards town to the railway crossover.  Started that but had forgotten that the road into town goes upward a bit and my legs were so sore so didn't go to the railway line like I planned but turned round and headed for home.  That was a lot easier so I buzzed passed the driveway and continued up the road.  To the corner.  It was bleedin' hard getting home again though because that road too goes slightly up.
More than 4km but probably not 5...I don't know as I can't get the speedo thing on the bike to work properly.  I will have to get Hubby to show me how to set it.  Again.

I am sitting here and thinking that I am feeling much better than a week ago, the cold is all but gone and the iron is maybe starting to kick in again.  There is no reason for me to not continue with the riding or some walking every day. 

October starts tomorrow, three months until next year.   I will set the goal of doing something at least 5 days a week for October.  Anyone want to join me?

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  1. Excellent goal for October Barb! Good luck!
    I'll be continuing with my goal of 60 minutes
    a day of daily activity. You can check out my
    routine at

    PS.... Love your header pic!