Saturday, September 24, 2011

Starting Again. Again!

I have been unwell with a rotten cold for more than a week now and though I am feeling a bit better today I am still nowhere near what I should be.   The fact that I haven't been able to stomach my Iron or Nexium meds hasn't helped either.

This lovely weather that we have had over the last couple of days has got me wanting to get out there and enjoy a few bushwalks but I know that even if I talked Hubby into going somewhere I wouldn't be able to do any walking and breathing at the same time.  And that's something that you do kinda need to be able to do.
I need to make a start somewhere so soon I will go for a bikeride.  I don't have any thoughts that it will be fast or far but it will be a start.


  1. I'll have to join you in the starting again as due to back to back 'inconveniences' over the last couple of months I've regained what I'd lost :(. Even healthy food isn't much good if you don't exercise enough.

  2. Yes, please do start again with me. You will help me get and keep moving.
    I'm hoping I'll get the mindset back by next week, start October, cause then we only have 3 months 'til next year and I have to be fitter.