Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I Ate...

I'm home alone today.  It is my pottering day, I do what I want, when I want.  Like most of my days actually!
Anyway, I'm going to write down what I eat for a few days to show myself if I eat as well as I think I do.  Or if I'm just kidding myslf.  The weekend showing I eat Pikelets and sausages all day can't be right!

6.30.  Coffee.
7.30,  Oatmix.
8am.  Coffee.
9.40. Orange.
Lunch. Boiled egg
          Salad of chopped up lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, grated beetroot, carrot.  Bowl full.
          More salad.  Not as much, less that 1/2 bowl.
2.30.  Slice of Pork.
          Peas, picked while I was outside planting stuff.  Maybe a dozen small ones, pod and all.
4pm.   2 passionfruit, 1/2 Indian Guava.
Tea.   Pork.
         Caulieflower, peas, corn, sweet potato.  All up around 2 cups.

I measured out the amount of salad I had so I'd have some idea for next time.  A bowl full was about 1 and 1/2 cups of chopped and grated salad veg.

This is probably a more typical day of eating when husband is not home.   I grab something when I start to feel ill which kinda works out to be every few hours.  What I grab depends on what I have prepared beforehand.  If I have crap that is easy to grab then I do.  If the better stuff is easier then I have that. 
If the biscuits and chocolate are out in the shed freezer but the boiled eggs and meat are inside...eggs and pork win.  If the biscuits were sitting open on the bench...that is what I would have.

Tomorrow will be kinda the same.
Oatmix for breakfast, eggs and salad for lunch, maybe with a bit of cheese.  Tea will be pork and vegetables, same as tonight.   There will be some fruit in there.   There might be a bicky or 2 if there are some homemade ones at work...

There was no moving today apart from the day to day outside work.  And there be the reason I am fat!!!

Any thoughts please? 


  1. I have to plan my snack foods also otherwise I tend to grab the high sugar/carb things like a piece of cake or a biscuit. Celery, carrots and cottage or ricotta cheese are already on the shopping list. I need to check the spices to jazz up the cheese for dipping the carrot and celery sticks in and I already have home grown lemons for a different flavour enhancer. A salad of orange slices, onion and tomato drizzled with white wine vinegar and left to 'season' for a few hours is nice with fish and lettuce.
    Think of the biscuits as cluttering up the kitchen and put them out of sight in a cupboard, then you won't be tempted....out of sight - out of mind. Works for me (most of the time :P).

  2. Yep, the biscuits are out in the shed freezer. I keep anything I don't want to eat out there.
    I need to start walking again...Or something...