Thursday, August 29, 2013


6.15. Coffee. Breakfast at 8ish - Oats. 9.30 - Coffee. 5 crackers and cheese!! Still haven't put the cheese outside in the shed fridge...Chickpeas and veg moosh for lunch. An orange off the tree this afternoon. Custard throughout the day. I'm calling that my calcium intake... Tea was more chickpea and veg moosh at 6.30. Friggen 'ell. More crackers, with Vegemite instead of cheese so that's something. Still shouldn't have had them. Peanut paste and oats mixed together. Coffee at 8.30.

Seems I'm getting worse instead of better with my eating. I do better when I'm not thinking of it all the time, keeping a record of what I eat is not helping like I thought it would. I do know that I can't blame the husband for my eating crap as he hasn't been home all week and all the good intentions I had meant nothing.

No walking or riding again even though I planned to but I mowed, whippersnippered and raked instead. That's much harder! I need to start moving again, that might make me feel better. Maybe next week I will work on that.


  1. Hi! Glad to see you back! This has been a crazy month for me too; today I begin strict Atkins for a few weeks. Restricting carbs is the only thing tha has worked for me. :)

  2. Barb,
    Do what works for you. Just post about what you weigh. It seems these last two days have been not so good in the eating department for me also.

    Actually, your food reporting here is highlighting where you need to improve. It may be frustrating, but maybe you need to remind yourself of what you ate so you can see where you need to go.

  3. I eat waayyy too many carbs...I don't lose, I don't gain, I stay the same no matter what I do or eat. I feel better when I eat well and move more...Don't know why I don't just do that. Gosh, to be able to do what you do Di. How fit you must be and what lovely places you would see.


  4. Thanks Barb, but, honest to goodness, it's always a struggle for me too. Old habits die hard. As for getting out, it's easy because I love to walk, but do envy you the gardening!