Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's Spring Into It.

It's Spring. Raining and wet right now and has been for the last week but I'm sure that it will soon be sunny and warm...and I will be wanting to be outside doing lots of garden work. And I wont be fit enough to enjoy it! I wont be fit enough to swim in lakes and rivers, walk for miles along beaches or climb mountains...or small hills even. Today has been one of the best for ages with eating, no cruddy stuff at all yet...there will be tacos and homemade icecream for our Fathers Day Tea but lots of salad and the mince is lean with...shhh...added vegies. So nothing to moan about there. I am out most of tomorrow but the fridge is full of healthy food and there is no crappy stuff close to hand. All good. Tomorrow I will start walking or riding again too. Feeling good about it all today. Let's do this.

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  1. Barb,
    You are more capable than I. I just wish I could do a tenth of what you are capable of doing. Gardening will be good exercise, too. I just never have a day without junk. I am not that way when I lose weight. I just try to minimize the

    It is 5 pm here, and I was posting my food intake which has been minimal today. The real stuff will be reported when I end the day.