Friday, September 13, 2013


Coffee.  Get up, have coffee.  Thems the rules.
Bikeride. 3km.  I know, can I get any better!
Orange.  It's 7.45 and I have no oats and am not sure what breakfast will be.
Quinoa mixed with passionfruit.  Breakfast, was nice.
Banana.  While at Vinnies.  Asked T to buy me one as I was feeling sick.
Bowl veg.  Lunch at home.
Lollies!!  DO NOT EAT CRAP CHOCOLATE LOLLIES!  Just saying...
1/2 Banana.   Because there is a bag of crap stuff right there on the table.  Why?  Who's?
Coffee.  The bag in now hidden away in husbands cupboard.
Bowl of veg.   2.30.
I am going down to Nannup, back tomorrow sometime.  Healthy food will be eaten while down there.  There will be walking.  Some small hills.   Least I wont be wearing a baby like one of the others.

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