Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's For Lunch?

Eating still needs working on. I am eating too much, even of the good stuff and still not moving enough. I can hear Dr Phil saying "And how's that working for you" Well it's not working but no surprises there. I need to eat better and move more. It's not rocket science! I am out all day tomorrow and still need to decide on what to take for lunch. It is already after 9PM and I am ready for idea what to take but am leaving early so better get it sorted soon. Maybe a salad, there is plenty of lettuce growing out in the gardens. I have cooked up a pot of chickpeas so chickpea and pumpkin soup? Dunno. Will work it out in the morning. Something decent anyway. Tea of veg and mince is ready for when I get home and there will be oats for breakfast. Oranges somewhere in there too. Maybe I do need to menu plan, it's not something that gets me excited but it might help get me healthy...

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  1. A menu plan helped me immensely when I first started and after a while you develop a habit where you just eat the "right" food as it's easier to make up a huge bowl of salad mix and adjust the seasonings each day to make it different than it is to make a whole new meal each time. You start to automatically have a piece of fruit for morning or afternoon tea rather than a biscuit or cake too. Then if you have a "naughty" day where you eat 2 cherry ripes and have a slab of fruit cake it doesn't set you back so much as your daily consumption of food is already healthy :).
    Cheers, Robyn