Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Weetbix x 2.  Should have gone for a ride first but didn't.  It's 7.30 already.  Should go now...
15min moving while watching YouTube...Puffing quite a bit!
7min moving.
Custard x 3/4 cup.  It's nearly half past 9 and I'm ready for coffee.
Coffee...Nearly 9.30.
Chicken, veg, chickpeas.  11.30.  Early lunch.
Orange. 1PM.
Custard.  3/4 cup, maybe.  
5min moving.
Nuts, sm handful.  3PM.
5min moving.
Chicken, chickpea and veg.  Getting hungry.
Coffee. 5PM.
I'll probably have an Orange later and maybe some more food sometime before bed...Will see how I feel.

So I have moved for more than 30min today and that is longer than the bikeride takes.  I watched decluttering videos while doing it and that has kept me wanting to get rid of stuff...though I didn't do much of that today.  There was nothing that I am cranky about eating so that's good too.

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