Monday, September 23, 2013

Stressed and Not Moving.

A lot has been happening here since last Wednesday and I have been wanting to eat...anything and everything...but I haven't been too bad considering.  I am undergoing more medical tests, daughter has been admitted to hospital, I am looking after the grandkid who has been crook the last couple of days.  A fox got in with the chooks early this morning and killed 4 before I heard anything and got up to investigate.  Too much stress, not nearly enough moving.  My saving grace has been the container of cooked chickpeas and the big pot of vegie soup, both ready to go in the fridge.  That and having no bread or easily accessible crap food.   Though the cheese has been brought back inside so I have been nibbling on that...It will go out again soon, after grandaughters lunch.  Oh, husband came home unexpectedly on Friday and brought Chinese food with him...then went back to work the next day and left it here in the fridge...Of course I ate too much of that and I pinched a couple of the grandaughters biscuits as well.  HoHum..And more stress, I need to get a clown costume sorted before Wednesday.   I am not a sewer, I am not crafty, the child is fussy.  Still, all things considering it's not going too badly.  Husband will be home for tea so I need to get something healthy that he will like made up but I am wanting chocolate pudding...might make a small one and hope he eats it.   I need to go out and dig up some spuds for him but will not get too many as I don't need them.

I need to drink more so today I am going to concentrate on getting close to 2 litres in and I really should make an effort to move for more than 15 minutes.  That doesn't sound too hard does it.  

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