Monday, August 26, 2013

MONDAY. Today I ate...

6.30 - Coffee, instant but strong, white, no sugar. 7.30 Breakfast - 2 sl toast with honey and cheese. Multigrain toast, organic honey, fully matured cheese. Not a great breakfast choice and 1 piece would have been enough. 8AM. Second coffee. 9.15 - 4 Aniseed Humbugs...another dumb choice. Next food will be an Orange! 11AM- An Orange. toldya! Piece of chicken. 3.30 Home from Vinnies and had 3/4cup mince and veg, coffee. 4ish Some chocolate coconut stuff I made a few days ago. I think I need to drown this then give it to the chooks. 6.30 - Mince and veg with chickpeas. Bloody chocolate coconut stuff!! I knew I should have gotten rid of this earlier. Gone now though so that will save me from myself with that. 7.15 - Orange. 7.45 - Milky milo as I haven't had enough calcium and that is it for the day.

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  1. I got my food for Monday written up. I ate stuff I should not have, but that is probably going to happen every day I live. The trouble is, it all sounds sort of bad, but I told someone what I usually would have eaten, so what I ate was not so bad at all. That chocolate coconut thing made me want chocolate! But, I am going to have a banana.

    Let's just keep it up. We can handle this challenge together.