Friday, April 27, 2012

Pump Up Those Tyres.

I planned on doing a bikeride this morning so was out there nice and early.  Flat tyre so started pumping it up.  Well the darn thing ended up flatter than it was to begin with so I had to go off looking for another pump.  Found a new one inside next to the bed.  No idea why it was in there but took it out and that too wasn't pumping right. I will get the husband to look at them as he has fixed pumps for me before but this time it seemed I had to resort to the air compressor.  I don't like using this as it is so quick and I worry about the trye exploding on me.  I stopped in time, let some air out, added some air...finally decided it was right so inside to have a mouthful of water, check the time...

I was going to do the short ride to the corner and back but thought the long ride around the block would be better for me.   It wasn't long before I was huffing and puffing and thinking "are we there yet" so I looked down at me speedo thing and I had ridden...wait for it...875metres.  How sad is that?!  How bad is that? 

I pushed on though and made it all the way around and back home again but discovered that this ride is not all that much longer than the corner one.  So I rode 3.6something km and I was gone from the front door for 17minutes.  Not good but I have a benchmark so something to work on improving.  I need to get to 5km and start working up to a 10km ride. 

There's a little town not far from here, 4km by the main road but I'll be going the backway and will be aiming to get there, and back again!, by the end of May.
What is your May goal? 

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