Monday, April 16, 2012

Back To Eating Better.

Once again I've not been doing enough.  I need to go into town later so will ride the bike in but that's not far and doesn't take long.  Still, better than nothing. 

I've not been having the best weeks lately and I'm putting it down to too much processed crappy food.  Birthday cake, chocolate, chips, bought chinese food, more chocolate, cheese and crackers...When I eat bad I feel bad but once I start the crappy food it seems to get into my head and I have trouble getting off it. I know this so no idea why I still have these times, I can easily go without the crap until I have some.  I like fresh, unprocessed food.  It tastes good, I feel better when I eat that.  It's cheaper because we grow most of our own...

Anyway, this morning I was having some crackers and cheese and was thinking that some dip would be nice...Yeah I know, wrong thinking right there but go with me on this...Anyway, I didn't have dip, I don't buy dip, had nothing to make a dip from...thought if I had some yoghurt I could maybe mix that with some pickles and that would do...No yoghurt  so no dip.  Got to thinking and remembered that I had some Kefir somewhere in the fridge... By now I was off the idea of crackers and dip and had packed the crackers away but was a bit worried about the long forgotton Kefir.

Cleaned out the top shelf of the fridge and found the kefir, it wasn't moldy (unlike the half tin of coconut milk)
so I have reurrected it and now have it sitting in a clean jar, in fresh milk and I will start having it again from tomorrow.  

And as of now all crap is away in a metal box to protect it from mice and it is out in the shed.  When the husband gets home he can bring it in if he wants to. It mostly has assorted crackers in it and his jar of small easter eggs...nothing I need.

I have liver, onion and vegetables for lunches this week.  I have a freezer full of fish and pork.   Heaps of eggs and I will boil some later on.  I will nuke a big bowl of any vegetable that I have here and will have small bowls of veg mixed with sweet chilly sauce ready to go in the fridge.  I have half a massive watermelon that needs eating and a bench full of slightly under-ripe apples.  The cheese will be put to the back of the top shelf out of my reach!

As from that last cracker a couple of hours ago any food I have this week will be *real* food.   I'm not going to worry too much about how much as long as it is proper food.  Real food full of goodness.

What will you eat this week?


  1. I keep a small jar of chickpeas in the cupboard for when I want dip - i also always have minced garlic on hand (if you grow it in your garden you can mince it up and keep it in the freezer) - when I feel like dip I mash the chickpeas (add a bit of the liquid from the can, for some reason this helps prevent the bitter taste) whack in some garlic, a squeeze of lemon, I like to add paprika, or smoked paprika,some people like cumin; if you have parsley or coriander in the garden you can chop that up and add it (and eating parsley with garlic helps prevent the dreaded "garlic breath", plus parsley is a powerful blood cleanser, and has calcium), and VOILA! Dip. If you want you can add tahini, which makes it a true hummous, but I am not a big fan, and its not the kind of thing that people tend to have on hand. If you have no lemon, try lime, or a weencie bit of balsamic vinegar. If it's a bit dry, add a little olive oil (which is good for you in small doses).

    1. This is a great idea K and I happen to have chickpeas in the fridge. All the crackers are away but I will keep this in mind for next time. Thankyou.