Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Need A Chart. I have a chart...

First off I need to move more and eat more vegetables.    I figure 2 things a day for the first week or 2 will be easier to keep up.  I am still growing food, not as much as in past years but that is something that I am working on elsewhere.  Here I will be working on the eating of said vegetables.

This week I am aiming for 5 serves of veg and a min of 30min of moving.  Both easy, both totally achievable, both gunna get done!

And I will have a chart, 2 charts, 1 on here and a printed one stuck on the kitchen window.   And a red pencil for recording.  Hmmm, how do I make a chart on here....

5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
Veg serve x 5.
 1, 1

So far today I have had a carrot 2 carrots so that is 1 2  serve of veg out of the way already.   The chart will be added to throughout each day and a new one started each week.

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