Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too much, Too little.

I eat too much crap.  I do too little moving.   That says it all...

I have been having trouble with this computer for ages but am getting a new one build tomorrow, picked up and brought home sometime Thursday.   I will drop it off in Harvey tomorrow morning then go out and stay in the caravan out the beach until Thursday afternoon when I will call into Harvey and pick it up on the way home.   While out the beach I will eat clean and walk up and down the hill and along the beach.   I will get into the right headspace to eat less crap and do more moving.

With the new computer turning on and working whenever I want it too I will be able to get serious about getting fitter by Friday...Though really it's not a new computer that I need it is a new way of thinking.  And someone with ruddy big boots behind me to give me the kick I need to get me going...I have myself though, that will be enough...

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