Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting Your Vitamins. Pill or Potion.

Over the last couple of weeks I have eaten too much.  If I think about it, and I did, there has probably been more cruddy food than the good stuff and I have noticed that over that time I have had a few nights that come 8.30pm I have been so sore and stiff it was a painful effort to move from this chair to the bed.  Not good.    Could the soreness be connected to the crappy food.  Well of course it could and more than likely it is...I get more done, feel better and more energetic when the body is free of crap food...Connected?  You join the dots.  I did and my answer was *at least 5*   So even though I am up around 5.00 most mornings I feel kind of blah by 8ish.   Maybe I need to start taking vitamins...So I did.

No set recipe, I add what I have here.

1 cup water. 
1 orange
2 cups mixed salad, leafy lettuce, carrot, apple, spinach
1 carrot
Handful of spinach and comphrey
1 and a half cups broccoli
Put in the Vitamix, blend, drink eat with a spoon.

Or...add the brussel sprouts that husband brought home from work and said were chook food.    Add a 1/4 cup of dried nettles with the orange to get the iron and vitamin C, add the not yet eaten boysonberries or the too soft strawberries...Each *drink* is different, each has a variety of different fruit and veg, each drink is scoffed at by husband and others that I offer it to...

This mornings potion had an orange, 1/2 an apple, dried nettles, brocolli, a couple small carrots, 3 brussel sprouts, some comphrey.    It makes me feel better about the slice of pavlova I had for breakfast...

Not as easy as just popping a pill but much better for me and will be a daily thing until I run out of vegies in the garden.  Or at least for this week.

How do you get your vitamins?

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