Thursday, February 16, 2012

Holiday Moving.

Done a bit over this week.
Sunday was laps and yardwork. 
Monday was swimming, bikeriding, and walking.  Start of holidays.
Tuesday went swimming, bikeriding and walking.
Wednesday was more of the same.  Three days of moving that was fun.  It maybe cancelled out the 2 (big) icecreams in one day.
Thursday was laps this morning and yardwork...

More moving this week than I have in a long time.  I keep telling the husband that we need to go away more often. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's February Already.

Well we're already nearly halfway into this month.  Am I fitter than I was at the start ?
I dunno.  I don't really feel fitter but I am now doing 2 extra laps but I am no longer doing them every day let alone a few times a day.   I still haven't been to a walk to the corner to check my timing...but I have thought about it a few times.  I haven't ridden the bike since that one time at the end of last month...

What have I done in the weeks gone by... Laps a few times. I am doing 2 more laps than when I started but not as often so I supose that cancels that out......Mowing, of course, that's always a given.   Raking, digging, chookchasing,...they too are always a given.   I walked around the zoo for a few hours.   I have twice walked through water for a couple of hours.  The water walking will maybe be a weekly thing now but if not weekly then at least 3 times through the months.  Ummm surely there is more...there should be more I know that.

What will I be doing this week coming...   Lots! and I am not ready for it.  We are going away for a few days, leaving tomorrow.  We are taking our bikes.  We will be walking, riding, swimming.   I have done something to my back again and though I am looking forward to the days of activity I am hoping that the husband doesn't have to rescue me from myself too often.  I have the Deepheat packed so if nothing else at least I will smell nice.

This is me last Wednesday evening.   I pulled the grandkid along for about half an hour but mostly I was, and will be, walking by myself.  I'm thinking this may have done the back in even though it was a couple of days afterwards before it started giving me trouble.  But I had been digging and pulling plants out throughout the week so...I dunno....