Monday, April 6, 2015

Back home and back into it.

I went away to Tasmania for 3 weeks and what with all the walking we did I came home lighter than I went.  There wasn't a lot of clean, healthy eating but even after eating Devonshire Teas, pancakes with jam and cream, and waaayy too many toasted cheese sandwiches I didn't do too bad.

I get home and weigh myself to see how much damage I had done and was surprised to see that I was actually a few kilos lighter than when I went.  How good is that!

Within days of being home I was eating crap and not walking, riding, anything.  Then it's Easter and *someone* brings out Chocolate, Easter eggs, Hotcross buns, TimTams...And we have a freezer full of assorted pies and sausage rolls..Some of them are nice...How would I know that!

I was starting to feel blah, weighed myself and of course was up again so decided that today would be a LCD even though I was going to be home and not at work.  And husband is home.  And it's cold.  And the fridge is full of chocolate.

So this morning I'm up by 6 and have a Coffee.
By 10 I'm hungry so munch on a Carrot.
Husband has come inside.  He had a pie, smelt so good...I had a small piece of chicken. 
There is an open packet of TimTams in the fridge, I took one out to eat. Put it back and had a piece of grilled fish instead. 
Husband wanted more food so I boiled up some eggs...and had 2. 
I will have a coffee then NOTHING ELSE until tonight. 
And now he is eating chocolate!! I'll stick with the coffee then nothing else.
Tea time so I have a carrot while deciding what to have.
I decide on a coffee.

An OK fast day I suppose, I have had better.  I have had worse.   I don't count calories so don't know if I came in under the 500 that this eating style advocates but I do know it's a lot better than if I hadn't of tried at all.  I even got the exercise bike out of the shed this morning and rode for 20 minutes while reading a book and drank a lot more water than I have been.  Feeling good.

It's now 6:30 and I have cleaned my teeth, this LCD is over.  

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  1. The cold weather makes it difficult to be motivated to exercise but once you start you warm up quick enough. Keep at it :).